Lohri celebration and Shiv-Gauri’s romantic moments next in BIG Magic’s Love Dosti Dua


And guess what? The cast and crew of BIG Magic’s other shows too will celebrate Lohri with lots of fun and fiesta with the Love Dosti Dua cast.

The Lohri celebration will begin with the cast of Mahi Sagar meeting Nadaniyaan family to offer them sweets on Lohri. But unfortunately the packet of sweets will be empty. The Nadaniyaan family will learn about this but in spite of that they will take the same pack to the beautiful couple of Love Dosti Dua, Gauri (Divya Mallik) and Shiv (Shashank Sethi), to pull a prank on them. And unknowingly this couple will take the same pack to Raavi’s (Rimmi Srivastav) family to wish them Happy Lohri without even knowing about the prank that’s been played on them.

Soon, after this prank-filled Lohri celebration the Love Dosti Dua story will get back to its track where Shiv will be seen doing all that he can to get Gauri back in his life.

As seen so far, Gauri is trying to stay away from Shiv as she has realised that Tulika (Zoya Khan) too loves him. But Shiv wants Gauri back in his life hence; he will make a hue and cry about him having twisted his foot to gain Gauri’s attention.

Gauri will believe that Shiv has broken his leg thus; she will try helping him by taking him back home. This is when he will try getting closer to her by reminding her about his past but, she’d decide on leaving at once.

Weather Shiv manages to get Gauri back in his life or not is something for the viewers to wait and watch….

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