London-based pianist Dinara Klinton knows about magic pianos

Dinara Klinton, London, April 2015 Commissioned by Tabitha McGrath at City Music Foundation. Licensed to Dinara Klinton for promotion and publicity use. Please ask photographer regarding licensing for CD covers and packaging and any 3rd party commercial use, thank you Benjamin Ealovega // // +447786263823

Dinara Klinton, London, April 2015.

By Dipanita Nath 

NEW DELHI: In a pile of junk, two children in Warsaw discover a piano which does more than create music. What happens next is the subject of the animation film, Magic Piano, which will be screened in Delhi’s Kamani auditorium. Like the piano, it will not be a different kind of screening. It will, really, be a piano concert for the film.

London-based pianist Dinara Klinton knows about magic pianos. She was a child when she found one herself and tinkled the ivories to her way to becoming a virtuoso. Her tour of India, as part of the Cinema in Concert initiative for Showhouse Events, will have Klinton presenting concerts in which she will play live as Magic Piano and another cinematic work, Chopin Shorts, plays on screen. The show in Delhi is on July 28, in Kolkata it is on August 4 and in Bengaluru, it is on August 11. Excerpts from an interview with Klinton:


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