‘Love betrayal’ track in Life OK’s Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re


The blooming tale of romance is all set to take a bitter turn soon in Life OK’s daily Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re(Shobhna Desai Productions).

Trying to guess what has happened? Here we share the details…

Raju’s (Jatin Sharma) affectionate behaviour towards Nandu (Vinti Idnani) made the young lady have a change of heart and she has already fallen in love with her new-found best friend. Witnessing the duo getting closer, not only the lovely viewers but, Raju’s mother, Rambhateri (Supriya Pathak) also had a sigh of relief.

But, now things are soon going to take a different turn, is what we hear.

Sharing the actual drama, a source reveals, “While everyone will be happy seeing the newly blossoming love between Raju and Nandu, in reality Raju will have some devious plans in his mind. As Nandu will plan to propose Raju, the young lad will break her heart by rejecting her”.

Oh no!!! Wondering why he did so?

Well the young man has not been able to forget the false allegations of Nandu, who blamed him to be an abuser. Hence, he will try to seek revenge from her.

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