Madaari review: It’s a guide on how to spoil a film despite perfect ingredients


If you have a good story and a bunch of talented actors, you can make a good movie, right? Wrong. Despite a well-intentioned and intriguing story on vigilante justice and actors like Irrfan Khan and Jimmy Shergill, Madaari comes across as a rather vague, stretched and cliched film.

is Madaari begins with Irrfan Khan’s voiceover saying, “Baaz chuhe pe jhapta, use utha le gaya. Kahaani sacchi lagti hai magar acchi nahi lagti. Baaz pe palatwaar hua, kahaani sacchi nahi lagti magar acchi lagti hai.” It almost sounds like a promise of a gripping social thriller.

Starring critically acclaimed actors Irrfan and Jimmy, this is a vigilante story aimed at highlighting our corrupt system. Yet with all the ingredients for an intriguing thriller, Madaari is the perfect example of how to spoil the perfect recipe, with director Nishikant Kamat as its master chef.

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