Maggi Noodles Cleared for Sale in USA by FDA


FLUSHING, NY :Maggi Noodles has just been released for sale in the USA .The FDA tested several shipments of the noodles from India for lead content, finding no unsafe levels.

A Nestle spokesperson said, “We have learnt from our official importer in the United States, House of Spices, that the US FDA has tested several shipments of Maggi noodles from India for lead content. Finding no unsafe lead levels, the FDA released the noodles for sale in the United States.”

Food regulators in the UK, Singapore, Canada, Australia, Vietnam and New Zealand last month had declared already that Maggi Noodles are safe for consumption.

Maggi Noodles, owned by Nestlé India LTD and recognized by the product’s bright yellow packaging, dominates the Indian food market, accounting for more than one of every two bowls of instant noodles sold there. Hugely popular with school children and office workers in the US as a cheap, quick snack available at countless retail establishments.

Thanks to the new finding by the FDA, consumers can continue to buy Maggi Noodles with confidence.