Maha Kumbhabhisekam 3 Days Grand Cultural Event

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PEARLAND: The Maha Kumbhabhisekam, the three day cultural event began with a propitious performance by a very talented singer from India, Mahathi Sekar. Smt. Mahathi has earned various awards from both the Carnatic as well as the film industry in which she has sung over 700 songs in various languages. With the official grand opening performance, she had mesmerized audience with her Carnatic talents and beautiful voice; the highlight being various krithis and alankaras in numerous amounts of ragas. Smt. Mahathi was accompanied by some of the greats of both India and Houston, with the much talented Vidwan Erode Nagaraj on the mirudhangam and Mahesh Iyer on the violin. Despite her tight schedule, Smt Mahathi humbly accepted the  request to with a spectacular performance to leave all in awe.

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The second day of MTS Kumbhabhishekam festivities were a feast to the eyes and ears with a grand showcase of classical dance by the talented Houston dance schools. The theme of the dances focused mainly on our reigning deity Meenakshi. She was depicted in her various stages and divine forms by Nritya Dance Academy students in their aptly captioned “Meenakshi Vaibhavam”. The dancers portrayed the procession of Goddess Meenakshi, her charm as a baby as she is put to sleep by her mother, her undying love for Lord Shiva and her courage as a warrior princess. This was followed by Anjali Center for Performing Arts’ performance of “Devi Mahatmayam”.  The dancers depicted the strength of Shakthi, as well as treated us with the various “thiruvilayadal” (playful lessons) of Lord Sundareswarar and his consort Parvathi. The Navarasas (9 emotions) were beautifully expressed through these stories. Abhinaya School of Performing Arts students danced “Devi Neeye Thunai” with their guru Indrani Parthasarathy. They depicted the beauty and the valor of the beautiful Meenalochani. They surrendered at her feet for the strength she bestows on all beings. They concluded this wonderful song with a thillana. “Panja Sakthi” was performed by a solo male student from Sunanda Nair’s dance school. His expressions and lines were perfect in depicting the power of Sakthi. The evening concluded with a beautiful semi-classical song welcoming the bride Parvathi to her abode. The props were meticulously done and the girls danced gracefully depicting Parvathi’s moon-like face and mesmerizing smile. Kudos to the dance schools for performing on this auspicious event and may Goddess Meenakshi bestow all her blessings on the performers and their gurus.

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The Meenakshi Temple Maha Kumbabishekam celebrations was a delight to devotees. Not only did they get to witness the holy ritual but also got it in true flavor or South Indian hospitality. Along with other cultural programs the highlight was the portrayal of folk dances that is typical to any religious carnival. Coordinated by Ms. Mala Gopal and executed by enthusiastic volunteers this event exhilarated the devotees who were gathered around the temple. Ladies dressed in traditional attire performed Kummi, an auspicious dance and that paved way to enthralling presentation of Karagam, Poikkaal kuthirai, Kaavadi, Silambaattam, Mayilaattam, and Oyilattam. These performances portrayed by devotees of all age, kids to adults, was lauded by many in person and through social media. The mesmerizing music, fast paced dance moves, and enthusiasm of the dancers held the devotee’s captive. Maha Kumbabishekam was made complete traditional cultural event. Kudos to all the participants, choreographers, and coordinator.

Grand finale classical Carnatic Vocal concert by our own home town stars Kumari.Kruthi and Keerathana Bhat , accompanied by Sri. Vittal Ramamurthy Viloin, Sri.Erode Nagaraj Mirudhangam, Sri.Ravi Balasubramaniam ghatam.