Maha Pooja and Maha Yagna


HOUSTON: According to Pandit Pradip  Pandya, Adhik Maas is also called Purushottam Maas.  The Vedic calendar is based on lunar cycle and has 12 months for total of about 360 days. The Western calendar is based on solar cycle of 12 months for 365 days.  To match the  lunar and solar  calendars the Vedic Munis added an extra month roughly every 3 years and called it Adhik Maas.

All the 12 months were assigned to 12 different gods.  But the Adhik Maas or the 13 month was not Assigned to any god. This made Adhik Maas feel sad and he spoke with Lord Vishnu, PurshottamBhagvan and requested to be assigned to a god.  Lord Vishnu felt sympathetic and assigned Adhik Maas to himself and gave it the name of Purushottam Maas. Lord Vishnu also said that devotees should acquire punyas(merits) during this month by performing charitable  deeds, yagnas, and offering prayers.  Purushottam Maas is the month in which Hindus can become spiritual, by engaging in charitable work and self-development, self-introspection and by immersing themselves in devotion to Lord and by giving donations.

Actually, Purushottam  yagna and daan(donations) offered during this month has far greater importance than that of any other month and brings greater benefits to the devotees.

The Maha Purushottam yagna was performed at Gauri Siddhivinayak temple, last Sunday and was attended by over 300 devotees.  Pandit Pandya wants to thank all devotees for their support by attending the yagna.

Pandit Pandya can be reached at (832)466-9868. Gauri Sidhhivinayak temple is open daily fron 8am to 8.30pm and aarti is performed performed at 7.30pm. The temple is a non profit 501(c) organization and all donations are tax exempt.

 The temple is located at 5645 Hillcroft Ave, Suite 701, Houston, TX 77036.