Mahabharat has been a life changing experience for me – Thakur Anoop Singh


Thakur Anoop Singh, the talented actor who dons the role of Dhritarashtra in Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s Mahabharat on Star Plus is today happy with the fame and recognition that he is getting. Being the youngest actor on the sets, Anoop takes it upon himself to put in that extra effort to look natural and convincing on screen.

In an interview with, Thakur Anoop Singh speaks about his Mahabharat journey and how life has changed post bagging the show.


You gave up flying for acting. Don’t you think this was an extreme decision?

Well, at times you need to make certain decisions depending on the circumstances, and that is exactly what I did. When recession took over the world, the airline sector was badly hurt. I just had to be sure that whatever I chose to do next, I needed to surrender myself to it and enjoy doing it. This attitude worked wonders for me when I got a beautiful platform like Mahabharat to get into acting. It is nice to be known as a performer. Having said this, I am still a pilot holding a current Pilot license.

How has life changed post you bagged Mahabharat?

Mahabharat has been a life changing experience for me indeed. It is crazy and amazing at the same time when even kids as small as six years old recognize me as Dhritarashtra when they see me walking with long hair. I believe that with recognition comes certain responsibilities and I am busy fulfilling that. I get invited as a celebrity chief guest at schools, colleges, wedding receptions etc and it feels great to spread awareness about my show through these appearances. In short, I am dreaming and I hope I don’t wake up from this sweet slumber….

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