Mahamrityunjaya Mantra – Door into Eternal Life


The healing power of the Mahamrityunjaya mantra was invoked in Ganga Darshan, Munger, by Swami Satyananda in 1986, and in Rikhia in 2000. It is currently being chanted in the Satyananda ashrams and yoga centres throughout India and the world at the same time every week. People who are facing illness, obstacles, tragedy or crisis in their lives, and who cannot be physically present during the chanting, can give their names for inclusion in the chanting by phone or letter. Many people have been helped through difficult times in this way, even though they are not physically present, the power of the Mahamrityunjaya mantra is so great.

The chanting takes place on Saturday evenings, around six o’clock (with a slight time change according to the time of year). It can also be chanted by the family and friends at home, or in any other place where you wish to create a positive, protective and high energy. This mantra is also chanted during auspicious occasions such as initiation ceremonies and havans. You are welcome to join us wherever you may be in the world. If you chant at the same time as the mantra is being chanted in the ashrams and centres, you can ‘tune in’ with us and become part of the collective force created.

The meaning of the Mahamrityunjaya mantra

The Sanskrit word maha means ‘great’, mrityu means ‘death’ and jaya means ‘victory’. Mantra is a word of great power that can give protection against negative forces and, according to Swami Satyananda, can even change one’s destiny. The Mahamrityunjaya mantra consists of 34 akshara (literally ‘imperishable’) or eternal sounds, and is as follows:

Om tryambakam yajaamahe
sugandhim pushthivardhanam;
Urvaarukamiva bandhanaan
Mrityormuksheeya maamritaat.

The literal meaning of the mantra is as follows: “We worship the three-eyed one (Lord Shiva) who is fragrant (in a state of supreme bliss), and who sustains all living beings. May he liberate us from (the eternal cycle of birth and) death. May he lead us to immortality, just as the cucumber is released from its bondage (the vine to which it is attached).”


Benefits of chanting the Mahamrityunjaya mantra

The Mahamrityunjaya mantra is a potent combination of sounds that, if repeated with faith, dedication and perseverance over a period of time, leads, not only to victory over the fear of death, but eventually to victory over death itself or moksha (liberation). It is therefore known as a ‘moksha mantra’. It is stimulating and heating (unlike the Gayatri mantra, which is soothing and cooling). It bestows longevity, and is designed to cure illness. It wards off evil or negative forces by creating a protective psychic shield around the practitioner. It is said to destroy sorrow and poverty, and to fulfil all of one’s desires. Anyone who wishes to remove obstacles in life and overcome difficult situations or illness should repeat this mantra regularly. If chanted a minimum of eleven times, last thing at night, it will ensure a better sleep and more positive dreams.


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