Maheshwari Southwest Chapter Celebrated Diwali in India House


HOUSTON: Maheshwari Mahasabha of North America (MMNA) southwest chapter celebrated Diwali festival with a get-together on Sunday evening, November 17. More than 100 members gathered at the “India House”. MMNA is a nonprofit organization representing the Maheshwari community in North America. The southwest is one of the chapters consisting of Houston, Austin, Dallas and Oklahoma. There are other chapters that represent various different regions.


 The program started with ‘Ramayan’ performed by kids aging from 2 to 15 years. Committee wanted kids to understand Ramayan Epic, importance of Diwali and reason for celebrating this festival. All kids were dressed up as different personalities of Ramayan. Followed to Ramayan performance was Laxmi pooja. Society welcomed all newly wed couples and newcomers.

MMNA southwest committee recognizes the “extra ordinary services” of ‘Maheshwari people’ in surrounding societies even services outside Maheshwari Society. This year Bhagwanji Bhutada was recognized for his “outstanding work in the South West community” and his commitment towards the social work. Bhagwanji was awarded by Dharma Arya representing Agrawal Samaj. Maheshwari Society had cultural events with ‘MMNA got talent’ and ‘Mithai competition’. Community members participated in these events and made it a big success. MMNA got talent winner was Mahek Maheshwari. Mithai competition winners were Mayuri Sarda (Pan Ice cream) and Kavitha Pallod (Rabri-Kachori).

 President of Southwest chapter, Sharad Mantri, expressed thanks to the families for their participation. Efforts from MMNA southwest members and core committee consisting of Sharad Mantri, Arun Mundra, Rakhee Sarada and Shradha Bhutada made this event a success.

Arun Mundra NRI-ABMM updated Maheshwari society activities at international level.

Sushma Pallod “director chair-MMNA” briefed national updates and especially invited all for next years celebrations,  “International Maheshwari Rajasthani Convention 2014” at Detroit.