Manu P. Seeks Fort Bend Constable Pct 3 Position

By Manu Pooparayil

SUGAR LAND: My path in law enforcement was inspired by a profound legacy – that of my father, who dedicated 36 years of his life to serving as a police officer in Kerala. Growing up, I witnessed the impact of his commitment and integrity, which laid the foundation for my career.

In my over 10 years with the Houston METRO Police, I’ve faced challenges and triumphs that have deepened my understanding of what effective policing truly means. It’s not just about upholding the law, but about being a pillar of support and trust within the community.

My dedication was recognized when I was honored with the 2022 Medal of Valor, an accolade that I hold close to my
heart as it symbolizes the courage and dedication required in our line of duty. As your next Constable, I am committed to bringing this legacy of service and integrity to Precinct 3.

My vision is to ensure community safety, where every resident feels secure and heard. This involves enhancing our approach to community policing, building stronger relationships with residents, and ensuring our youth have the guidance and support they need to thrive. Innovation in law enforcement is also key. I plan to integrate modern technology and data-driven strategies to improve our efficiency and effectiveness, ensuring that Precinct 3 is a safe place for all. But to achieve this, I need your support. From February 20th to March 5th, your vote can help bring about the change we all strive for. A vote for Manu Pooparayil is a vote for a safer, stronger, and more united community.

Together, let’s honor the past and embrace the future. Thank you for your trust and support. Let’s make a difference