Marathi Film Kshitij- A Horizon Wins ICFT UNESCO Gandhi Medal at IFFI


HOUSTON: Marathi movie Kshitij- A Horizon produced by Navroz Prasla-Media FilmsCraft, USA based company and Navroz Prasla Productions directed by Manouj Kadamh and the story written by Rayban Davage recently won “ The prestigious ICFT-UNESCO Gandhi Medal ” at 48th International Film Festival Of India ( IFFI ) Goa.

It’s a story of small girl- Vacchi trying to overcome the adverse situation. Despite of good eagerness about education in world, many children are deprived from education because of adverse family background. So it’s a try from Kshitij director to express the psychological changes of children due to this situation.

While featuring Indian National film award winning actor Upendra Limaye and Kanchan Jadhav as lead, movie also shows that the farmer suicide is growing at an alarming rate in India. Especially in the state of Maharashtra where on one hand we have made many scientific & technological advancements but on the other hand our food providers- farmers have always struggled to live a satisfying life & to fulfill their basic needs.


From the story to screenplay and dialogues, sensible filmmaker Kadaamh has filled his film with many such gripping, engaging sequences inviting the attention of audience towards many such social problems.

Kshitji has been selected at the following International Film Festivals:
1. Official Selection Indian Film Festival Houston, USA (Won the Best Film Award)
2. Official Selection Cape Town International Film Market & Festival 2017 South Africa. (Won Best New Film Director Award)
3. Official Selection 20th International Children’s Film Festival Hyderabad, India.
4. Official Selection Global Migration International Film Festival 2017. U.N Geneva, Switzerland.
5. Official Selection 48th International Film Festival Of India ( IFFI ) Goa.
6. Nomination for UNESCO Gandhi Award, IFFI GOA. (Won the trophy for best film)  
7. Official Selection Third Eye Asian Film Festival, Mumbai.
8. Official selection for Kolkata International Wildlife & Environment Film Festival
9.Official selection for Echo Film Festivals BRICS (EFF BRICS).


According to the makers, Media FilmCraft and Navroz Prasla Productions along with Co-Producer Karishma Sagar Mhadolkar, the film will offer entertainment besides making the audience aware of the importance of education social values.  Media FilmsCraft is headed by Navroz Prasla, a visionary businessman and creative filmmaker, hailing from Metropolis Mumbai in India, where Bollywood, the heart of movie-making beats energetically; it was a foregone conclusion that Prasla would be infused with a passion for sculpting celluloid dreams.

Intuitively, he saw a niche market in devising those films, of telling those stories, of finding different perspectives to the Indian ethos here in the USA. Young, and replete with ideas that permeated his every conscious thought, he moved to Houston, Texas, and sought to follow his dreams in the land of promised opportunities. Where he founded Media FilmCraft, a company driven to craft films that represents a unique fusion of American and Indian film cultures. Noteworthy is it that Prasla is also the Founder/CEO of Mottus, a Houston-based video equipment manufacturer that puts forth high quality, affordable, durable, studio and location-ready gear and accessories.

Prasla selected the Kshitij story because he was convinced by Kadaamh’s study and understanding of the concept. A “Kshitij” for him is one of those rare variety films about which one can’t discuss much despite a strong desire for it could hamper your viewing experience as an audience. Film hints us that education could eventually turn out to be a boon to help the farmers. Prasla already has another film taking shape. He has his ambitious sights set on collaborative ventures with Hollywood, for him the holy grail of movie making. Regardless of the keen intellect that has brought him untold success, it is undoubtedly moviemaking that has him captivated.

The promotional song of this film has been penned by Guru Thakur with the music provided by Shailendra Barve. The song has been choreographed by Sagar Mhadolkar. The song has been filmed on Vaishnave Tangde  with Akshat Singh and other child artistes. Yogesh Rajguru is the cinematographer of this film, while Resul Pookutty the Oscar winner is the sound designer. Beside actor Upendra Limaye “Kshitij” also stars greats like Sanjay Mone, Manoj Joshi & Vidyadhar Joshi.

 Kshitij is an inspirational film that enriches you as a person. Let’s hope Kshitij to be a welcome exception by influencing our farmers and others in a positive way.