Masi Magam Celebrations at Sri Meenakshi Temple


By Kamala Raghavan

PEARLAND: Masi Magam, a special event for Lord Murugan was celebrated by Sri Meenakshi Temple on Saturday March 11.  This auspicious day usually falls on the Magam nakshathra of the Tamil month Masa (Generally Feb 15 – March 15). Sri Meenakshi Temple closely follows the traditions and customs of Madurai and this festival replicated the grand celebration at the ancient Thirupparankundram Murugan temple.  The scriptures say that Goddess Parvathy, in the form of Shakti (Supreme Power) blessed and gave the divine “vel” weapon to Lord Muruga to ensure victory in his battle with the demon Surapadman.

The abhishekam is performed on the Vel or spear of Lord Muruga.  More than 100 ardent devotees participated in the beautiful puja.  The priest performed Abhishekam to the accompaniment of chanting of the sacred Rudra veda mantram.  This was followed by the singing of the melodious and popular Tamil hymn Kanda Shashti Kavacham that was composed by the 19th century poet Devaraya Swamigal. 

The devotees sang several songs on Muruga while waiting patiently for the thirai (curtain) to open after alankaram.  When the curtain opened, there was a spontaneous cry of “Muruganukku Haro Hara, Vel Muruganukku Haro Hara” from all the devotees upon seeing the spectacularly adorned deities of Lord Karthikeya and his consorts Valli and Devayanai. 

The final archana was performed, followed by Deeparadhana.  This was truly a very divine and fulfilling experience for the devotees, aptly described by a devotee’s parents visiting from India as “We never miss Madurai or Mylapore when we are in Meenakshi Temple, Houston, where all the pujas and festivals are done just like in India”. Several of the volunteers had prepared prasadams that were distributed by the coordinators.

The event was very well conducted by the priests and temple staff, and coordinated by Dr. T.A. Dorairajan and Srikanth Venugopalan along with the Temple board members.