MassMutual Honors Diwali and Business Tradition of Chopda Pujan

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No-Cost Seminars Help Business Owners Secure Their Futures and Protect the Next Generation

SPRINGFIELD: Almost three million Asian Indians in the United States celebrated  Diwali, the festival of lights, on Oct. 23. For the more than 300,000 Asian-Indian owned firms* in the U.S., the holiday takes on an added dimension, as the celebration marks the beginning of a new business year. To help business owners prepare for the New Year ahead, Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual) is offering a series of free, no-obligation business seminars in five cities across the country this Diwali.


Massmutual event in Edison, New Jersey held on October 29.

In a special Diwali ritual for businesses known as Chopda Pujan, new account books are opened and blessed. Business owners use this time to reflect on the past year while looking ahead to new opportunities for prosperity and wealth. It is said the goddess of wealth, known as Lakshmi, visits the homes of devotees on this day, and lamps light the way to welcome her.

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From left: Adam Segal, Nimesh Trivedi, Nadya Amin, Zaheda, Mitesh Patel. MassMutual sponsored Atlanta Diwali Event.

A MassMutual study** found that although 77 percent of Asian Indian business owners believe financial planning for their business is very important, only 43 percent are concerned about who will run their businesses if they or another owner leaves, becomes disabled or dies; only 46 percent have a formal retirement plan.

“Entrepreneurial businesses are vital to our growing economic recovery, so it is concerning that so many business owners seem to be sacrificing their own and their family’s financial future,”  says Nimesh Trivedi, Asian-Indian Market lead at MassMutual. “With help, business owners can look past the seemingly overwhelming day-to-day demands of running their businesses and establish and meet their long-term financial goals.”

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From left: Nimesh Trivedi, Lalit Jallan, Adam Segal and Vikesh Amin. MassMutual sponsored Houston Diwali Event.

To help Asian Indian business owners open their new books this Diwali and plan for a prosperous new year, MassMutual is offering a series of free video-based seminars featuring stories shared by real business owners. The vignettes explore critical business planning topics, such as passing ownership on from one generation to the next, preparing for the unexpected, the death of an owner, retaining key employees, and proper estate and retirement planning.

Seminars addressing these topics critical to Asian Indian business owners were presented in the following cities across the country this Diwali:
Houston, Oct. 14
Atlanta: Oct. 18
San Jose, Calif.: Oct. 24
Edison, N.J.: Oct. 29

The Seminar in Chicago has been scheduled for November 6, 2014

For more information on the multi-city business owner seminar tour, contact Nimesh Trivedi, 413.744.1244. For more information on planning for your businesses’ and families’ financial futures, visit

*2007 Survey of Business Owners Summaries of Findings, U.S. Census Bureau. This information is the most current data available.

**MassMutual’s Business Owner Perspectives: 2011 Insights in an Uncertain Economy, conducted by GfK Custom Research North America for Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual), 2011.

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