Masterji Plans a “Go Green” Indian Yatra to Raise Social Awareness

By Jawahar Malhotra

Masterji with a copy of his “Go Green” brochure

HOUSTON: As the saying goes, it’s hard to keep a good man down and when it apply it to Masterji Indravadan Trivedi, the celebrated classical Indian dancer, dramatist, painter and Hindu priest, you can understand that he can’t sit still. Even though his legs are not the same and he uses a cane, his portly figure and face with a full white trimmed beard poses a striking figure for man of his age.

Masterji invited a few of his close friends and collaborators to Shiv Sagar restaurant on Hillcroft this past Sunday, Christmas Day, to unveil his plans for sharing the wealth of his experiences on a voyage – a yatra – to seven cities in India in the coming two months. The tour will lister also visit Singapore, South Korea, three cities in Japan, London and other cities around the globe.

“It will be a trek from Gujarat to Lucknow, UP,” beamed Masterji dressed in a bright blue shirt with aviator sunglasses and a golfers cap. “Our five-member volunteer team will stay in Government bungalows and give seminars in local schools and universities in events co-organized by the Lions Club of India.” The two month-long trek in India is organized in a manner very similar to the Bicycle Tour Masterji did as a young man in 1982, followed by a similar Motorcycle Tour through Canada and the US that he did in 1990 both of which were also co-organized by the Lions Club.

Masterji explained his plans to his friends and collaborators at Shiv Sagar restaurant.

“On this “Go Green” tour, we will focus on raising self-awareness of one’s place in the world and impart practical spiritual education,” explained Masterji, “distilled from years of my own experiences and knowledge.” Realizing that people grasp ideas better through demonstrations, Masterji will use puppets to teach young children and pantomime, a craft he knows well from years as a dancer, when addressing university gatherings.

The Houston team will leave on the tour on January 3, 2023. Those interested in supporting the tour can contact Masterji by email at