May be Preity Zinta is going through a low phase: Tajdar Amrohi


Tajdar Amrohi, brother of the late Shandar Amrohi and son of filmmaker Kamal Amrohi, rubbishes Preity Zinta’s claims that his brother owed her money and reasons, even if he ‘MAY’ have, how is he accountable for he wasn’t informed about the dealings. 

Recently, actress Preity Zinta filed a suit in Bombay High Court, seeking to recover Rs 2 crore and interest of Rs 80 lakh from the surviving members of Shandar Amrohi’s family — calculated at an annual rate of 18% from the day after Amrohi passed away – August 22, 2011. The actress supposedly lent money to the late Shandar Amrohi to fight legal battles, with an assurance that it’d be returned. However, after his death, her requests for refund apparently went unnoticed, which resulted in the court case.

Tajdar rubbishes the claims stating, “What I find illogical is the fact that my brother paid over Rs six Crore approx, as Income Tax in 2011. Why would he be in debt? Also, since she was close to him, why didn’t she tell him then that he owes her money? Is she a big tycoon? Reports suggest that she possesses the ‘bills’. Anyone can make a book of accounts on their own. Also, my brother used to meet me and vice versa, but he never mentioned this to me ever. There is no evidence. Maano she gave a cheque to him, but money can be repaid in cash. Even if he may have taken the money from Preity, it’s between them. Karey koi, Bhuktey koi. Paisa na mere samne diya, na kehke diya. If my brother would have killed someone, would you hang me instead because he’s dead?…

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