MCA to toy with Sachin Tendulkar’s innovative idea


MUMBAI: A couple of years after he suggested it, the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) is set to try out Sachin Tendulkar’s innovative idea of fielding more than 11 players in a game in junior cricket.

In 2013, just after his retirement, the legendary batsman had mooted the concept of 15-a-side games in inter-school and college cricket to ensure that all the kids who arrive for a game, sometimes from far-off areas of the city, enjoy equal participation. The managing committee of the MCA had, however, rejected the idea last year.

Prodded by former India skipper and MCA Vice-President Dilip Vengsarkar, the association seems to have had a rethink about the issue. On Saturday, the managing committee, after a lengthy meeting, decided to try out the idea with 13-a-side games at an Under-14 tournament, which will begin from Monday. Only 11 players will be allowed on the field, but the remaining two can be substituted at any point in the game, which will involve two innings and two days. It effectively means that the coaches can field at least seven batsmen during bat ting, and six bowlers while fielding.

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