“Meera – Soul Divine”: A Dance Production in Support of All India Movement for Seva


HOUSTON:  There will be a unique dance  production on Sept. 5, at 4 PM at the Sri Meenakshi Temple Kalyana Mandapam, 17130  McLean Road, Pearland Texas.

The artists are Padmashree Chitra Visweswaran and her Chidambaram Dance Company, with music by Arsha Kala Bhushanam Bombay Jayashree.  They are on a tour of the UK and USA to raise funds for All India Movement for Seva, at the suggestion of Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati before he attained Samadhi at Rshikesh last September.

The show was extremely well received at the premiere in Chennai Music Academy, in the UK, and on the US West coast. Comments from last weekend’s San Diego and Seattle shows:

“It was so moving that I was in tears”

“In the last scene Chitra-ji just got absorbed into the role of Meera that there was no difference between the two.  It got me to tears…”

“Music is beyond this world with Bombay Jayashree’s soulful voice, Chitra-ji was Meera in and out. Perfect dance/music pair Chitra-ji/Bombay Jayashree”.


Swami Dayananda Saraswati started the All India Movement for Seva in 2000 to educate and raise disadvantaged rural and tribal children of India out of utter desolation and extreme poverty.  His vision is extraordinary: to build homes for children, to offer wholesome living, free food and medical care, school supplies, after-school tution, and extracurricular activities of music, games, yoga etc.

Close to 100 such student residences have been built near existing schools, and operated by volunteers and donations.

The success of AIM for SEVA over the past 15 years shows the quality of its organization and administration. The outstanding achievements of the children raised in the AIMS Student Homes are humbling and mind boggling. Without such help, these children would mostly live uninformed and uneducated, in extreme poverty, often used for labor and mostly invisible to the mainstream population.

The AIMS movement now has global support.  The Houston community has been part of this Seva for the past 10 years.  We are here enjoying our blessings due to the heritage and education that we received from Bharath Mata.  May we do our part in preserving that great heritage for the future generations, however underprivileged they may be to start with.   Every child wants to reach the cloud !

Every child deserves a chance to fulfill his or her dreams and give society all he or she can offer.