Meet Indo-American’s New Gen-X Partner : Vanshika Vipin

Vanshika Vipin

Vanshika Vipin

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By Pramod Kulkarni

HOUSTON: Ever since Dr. K.L. Sindwani founded Indo-American News 32 years ago, he often wondered how the newspaper will sustain itself and grow over the coming years and decades. Dr. Sindwani himself was the guiding force for the first 29 years of the newspaper. Since his retirement in 2010, partners Jawahar Malhotra, Krishna Giri and Pramod Kulkarni continued managing the newspaper.

Current partners, Jawahar and Pramod, have themselves had long careers of 25-plus years at Indo-American, but now it is time to prepare for the next generation to take on more of the responsibilities of running the newspaper. The ideal candidate to join Indo-American News as partner is Vanshika Vipin, 28, who has prepared for her new role by working in various departments at Indo-American since 2005.

Vanshika was born in New Delhi, but grew up in Bangalore and graduated from St. Francis Xaviers Girls High School and did her pre-university course at Bishop Cotton Women’s Christian College. In 2003, Vanshika and her mother joined her father in Houston. Vanshika finished her BS degree from University of Houston Clear Lake in 2011 with a double major in Business & Healthcare Administration. “I was one of the top five students in the entire business school with the highest GPA in my batch and was recognized as an honor student,” she recalled.

Vanshika is currently pursuing her MS degree on a part-time basis even with all the responsibilities at Indo-American.

Besides work and education, Vanshika finds time to participate in the performing arts of dancing and acting. “I’ve been performing since the age of four,” explained Vanshika, who recently acted in the Ram Leela extravaganza and performed at the show organized by Naach Houston.

Vanshika puts passion and perseverance in all of her activities. The best example of these qualities is her weight loss program. In less than a year, she has lost more than 80 pounds and now sports a svelte figure.

The same devotion to the tasks at hand will help Vanshika achieve significant growth milestones for Indo-American News as a partner. “IAN is my passion now. I live, breathe, and sleep IAN 24/7.”

Vanshika is appreciative of all her achievements. “I would like to thank my family for supporting me through all the hurdles,” explained Vanshika. “I also thank Pramod and Jawahar for their guidance and acceptance.”