Mesmerizing Performances by LAASIKA School Of Dance

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HOUSTON: Houstonians were pleasantly delighted to see another promising school added to the array of dance schools in Sugarland & Katy. Pallavi Kumar, Artistic Director of Laasika School of Dance with more than three decades of experience in Bharathanatyam and Kuchipudi dance styles, celebrated their first milestone with ‘Naatyopasana’ , at JCC Kaplan Theatre on August 15. Young and talented students of Laasika displayed such remarkable artistic acumen that it was hard to believe that it was their first annual recital with elaborate costumes, theatrical lighting and excellent synchronization of dances.

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Through ‘Natyopasana’,  Laasika Dance Ensemble under diligent guidance of Pallavi Kumar, paid obeisance to various Hindu gods through mélange of traditional items from repertoires of Bharathanatyam and Kuchipudi.

The ensemble made an impressive beginning with crisp ‘Pushpanjali’ in Bharathanatyam, a floral tribute dedicated to Lord Siva that set the tone and tenor of the show with high degree of discipline which was performed by Anuhya Juturi, Ayushi Aggrawal, Priyanka Bhavani, Ria Madhugiri, Shruthi Ezhilarasan & Tejaswi Sriram. Young students of Laasika, Himahasini Jammli, Jiya Jacob, Netra Tallavajhula & Simran Binnani – marked an auspicious beginning in Kuchipudi with ‘Naandhi Stuthi’ an excerpt from ‘Poorva Rangam’, a ritual that is performed at the beginning of a traditional Kuchipudi Performance.  ‘Alarippu’ was impressively performed by Anuhya Juturi, Ayushi Aggrawal and Tejaswin Sriram. The composite story of Ramayana delineating the story of Rama from birth to coronation was captivatingly narrated by Divya Aaloori, Kimeera Paladugu, Praharsha Sista & Sameera Goddanti.

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Anuhya Juturi & Ayushi Aggrawal executed the intricate footwork in ‘Jathiswaram’ with excellent grace and precision. Performance of Kavidi Chindu, a light hearted song set in a folk lore tune singing the praises of Lord Muruga was lively with folk element of rhythmic dance movements. It was performed by Divya Aloori, Nivedita Ramgopal, Pramila Nandigam, Rithika Satishkumar & Sameera Goddanti. Immaculate presentation of ‘Shiva Stuthi’ by Anuhya Juturi, Ayushi Aggrawal & Haripriya Mallidi propitiating Lord Siva with several arresting static Siva poses was spellbound and reflects the assiduous training imparted by Pallavi Kumar.  Striking presentation of Thillana by Nivedita Ramgopal & Priyanka Shastri’s brought student performances segment to an end.

Much awaited performance of Pallavi Kumar commenced with her evocative interpretation of Jayadeva’s ashtapadi “Sancharadhadhara” . Her involvement and impressive expressions in portraying ‘Krishna – Erotic Lover’ captured the audience. Her virtuosity in Kuchipudi was visible in ‘Tarangam’ ,a unique feature of Kuchipudi, when Pallavi brilliantly danced on rims of a brass plate to a  set of Jathis. Pallavi concluded the show in Panache with ‘Mangalam’ & Indian National Anthem.

Pallavi’s passion for perfection & quality in dance presentation and sincere objective to pass on the ancient dance forms onto next generation was vivid in every item. With her inspirational teaching and potential, Pallavi is sure to make a mark in classical art scene of Houston. Laasika School of Dance is offering Bharathanatyam & Kuchipudi dance classes in Sugarland & Katy areas. For more details visit:- .