Mika Singh’s Perfidy Against the Indian Nation Condemned


A joint statement issued by the Presidium of the Federation of Indian-American Associations, Greater Houston Local Area

HOUSTON: The serving presidents of the Indian-American associations of the Greater Houston area, strongly condemned the perfidy committed by artist Mika Singh against the Indian nation. Mika Singh performed at an event on Saturday, August 12, billed by its Pakistani sponsors as a “joint celebration” of India’s and Pakistan’s Independence days. The Presidents came together under the umbrella of the Federation of Indian-American Associations (FIAA), Greater Houston Area, and released a joint statement representing their respective organizations and giving one voice to the entire Indian-American community of the Greater Houston Area. The Presidium welcomed the imperative to bring together the peoples of the two embattled and scarred nations to solve the myriad problems festering between them since their respective births in 1947. The Presidium appreciated the tall efforts that are underway by civil society and also the two governments to bridge the gap between the two countries. However, taking a strong exception to the act of “joint” celebration of the two Independence days, the Presidium considered it as an act of gross insult that anyone could fling on the Indian nation. This act of insult is exacerbated by the daily news of terror attacks launched from inside Pakistan against India where scores of innocents are injured and killed. Under such circumstances, if an artist of Mika Singh’s popularity offers himself to perform at such a concert, it is a grotesque form of perfidy committed against Mother India. Satement before the performance, “If Mika Singh performs tomorrow for his Pakistani sponsor, he would have no less than blood of brave Indian Jawans on his hands, and tears of the martyr’s widows and orphans shall haunt him in his nightmares. The Presidium demanded that Mika cancel his appearance at the Pakistani concert tomorrow.”

False Story in the Media Condemned: The Presidium took strong view of the false story that was planted in the media (Times Now), by certain vested interests, which said that Mika has canceled his Houston show. This false story turned out to be a salt in the wounds of the Indian-American community, as the Pakistani sponsor used the planted story to further heap insults against Indian-Americans. The Presidium noted that it supports trad and commerce wholeheartedly between various communities including Indian-Americans and Pakistani-Americans. However, business interests cannot supersede national interest of India. The businessmen who make money on the blood of Jawans, and tears of their widows and orphans, are no different than pimps engaged in the flesh trade, and their perfidious act of pimping Mother India shall not be tolerated by the Indian-American community. The Presidium issued a warning to businessmen who wish to make money at the cost of India’s honor, should prepare themselves for a boycott of their products and services by the Indian-American community.  The Presidium urged the Times Now management to unearth the source of the false story and expose the nexus of Indian and Pakistani businessmen who are milking the patriotism of ordinary Indian-Americans to fill up their coffers. The Presidium convened had participation from Indo-American Association of Greater Houston, India Culture Center, India House, Gujarati Samaj of Houston, Graduate Indian Student Organization of University of Houston, and Patanjali Yogpeeth. Shri Hari Dayal of Indo-American Association of Greater Houston said: “Mika Singh’s decision to perform for Pakistan Independence Day is no doubt deplorable and must be condemned.” Amee Patel of Gujarati Samaj of Houston said: “I do not agree with the statement released by Mika Singh that we should be celebrating Indian Independence Day together with them (Pakistanis). Especially not with any country that supports terrorism, and tries to destroy democracy and the values that our great nation stands and fights for.”

Dr. Falguni Gandhi, President of India Culture Center said: “The Independence day celebrations have been conducted by Non profit organizations in Greater Houston for the last 4 decades and have raised patriotic feelings for the community. To celebrate such National Days as a Commercial Event for popularity is a disappointment. By doing so the fabric of close knit community is disintegrated.”

Jiten Agarwal, Ambassador of India House said: “It is so disturbing to see that a popular Indian singer Mika Singh is performing in Houston against the wishes of prominent Indian American community in Texas. We condemn any such event that hurts the sentiments of Indian American people.”

Vivek Sharda of Graduate Indian Student Organization at University of Houston said: “I strongly condemn this cowardly act of Mika Singh. Mika’s “Apna Pakistan” comment and planning to perform for Pakistan Independence Day celebration in the USA is a cruel joke on martyred soldiers and all Indian citizens. If he has any sense of patriotism, he should cancel this concert. Patriotism just can’t be sold for money.”

For further information, contact Sangeeta Dua-Kataria (Spokesperson, Federation of Indian-American Associations) at (832) 252-7272 or email at pr@fi-aa.org