Mirza Juuliet Movie Review


MIRZA JUULIET STORY: A story of star-crossed lovers battle misogyny, hate and caste tensions amidst a politically-charged environment.

MIRZA JUULIET REVIEW: Contrasting sneakers with garish, loud Punjabi kurtas is Juuliet Shukla (Pia Bajpai) a feisty girl in Mirzapur, UP who bullies anything that moves — from the local bus conductor to her childhood friend Mirza (Darshan Kumar). She throws her weight around town as she is the darling sister of Dharamraj (Priyanshui Chatterjee), a powerful local goon who wants to marry her off to the son of another powerful politician, the very randy Rajan Pandey (Chandan Roy Sanyal). Mirza (Darshan Kumar), on the other hand, is a hitman; a total opposite to Juuliet’s brash personality —calm, composed and the best shot in town.

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Credit: timesofindia.indiatimes.com