Miss/Mrs/Teen India USA Texas 2015

Miss India 1in

D.J Sage and Abiya with Fuzon the Band at MIUT 2015

HOUSTON: Sage Productions is an event management company in Houston. They specialize in Sound and Light Set Ups but, have expanded their horizon by becoming the Franchise owners for Miss/Teen/Mrs India USA Texas. On October 17, Abiya Malhotra and Sajawal Dass (D.J. Sage) of Sage Productions organized Miss/Mrs/Teen India USA Texas 2015, at the Crown Plaza Hotel. The show was a huge success with over 500 people in attendance and Fuzon the Band playing live for the audience. This was a great successful effort to bring both Pakistani and Indian Communities together. The dynamic duo was recognized for their contribution to the South Asian Community by the City of Houston and also by the Congress. The judging panel was composed of American, Pakistani and Indian dignitaries, entrepreneurs and beauty pageant queens. The beautiful stage set up and hall decor was by Aisha Khan of Kas Inspirations and the contestants were transformed into glamorous queens by the team of Hooked on Henna. Parinaz a Boutique, Bareeka, Ladds Corp and Amedia Marketing were Platinum Sponsors. The contestants were given a platform to express themselves and to share their experiences with women of the South Asian Community and the opening dance was choreographed by Mahesh Mahabubani of Naach Houston. Grand Prize included a $50,000 annual salary Job Offer with Riceland Healthcare for the Winners, with an option for internships for all other contestants. The results were as follows:

Miss India USA Texas 2015:
1.Sandhya Chettri (Winner)
2.Tanisha Hirani (1st Runner Up)
3.Mona Deo (2nd Runner Up)
4.Akhila Kumar (3rd Runner Up)
5.Akhila Kumar (Best Talent)

Mrs India USA Texas 2015:
1.Aradhana Thawani Padilla (Winner)
2.Neha Tailor Shukla (1st Runner Up)
3.Sandhya Ayyar (2nd Runner Up)
4.Pavana Gadde (3rd Runner Up)
5.Neha Tailor Shukla (Best Talent)

Teen India USA Texas 2015:
1.Mahita Nuthalapati (Winner)
2.Rushali Sarkar (1st Runner Up)
3.Manjot Gahunia (2nd Runner Up)
4.Iman Siddiqi (3rd Runner Up)
5.Mahita Nuthalapati (Best Talent)

Miss India 2in

From Left to: Neha, Aradhana, Sandhya at MIUT 2015 Mrs Category Winners

The Winners were provided with an opportunity to represent Texas at Miss/Teen/Mrs India USA 2015 on December 4, at the Royal Albert Palace in New Jersey. The following people participated in the Nationals: Aradhana Thawani Padilla, Sandhya Ayyar, Pavana Gadde from the Mrs Category; Tanisha Hirani from the Miss Category; Mahita Nuthalapti and Manjot Gahunia from the Teen Category. The contestants from Texas were joined by 55 other contestants from all across the USA and the winners will go on to represent USA at Miss India Worldwide. The contestants from Texas shined like stars on that dazzling stage and Aradhana Thawani Padilla placed as the 2nd Runner Up for Mrs India USA 2015, along with winning the Mrs Photogenic 2015 award as well. Pavana Gadde won the Mrs Social Media award and all other contestants from Texas were recognized for their friendly, respectful and professional attitude throughout the contest. The ethnic wear outfits were sponsored by Ashuman Garg of Parinaz a Boutique for the contestants. The team of Sage Productions was there through out to support the contestants of Texas and were proud of all of them for putting on such an amazing show and making Texas proud. Sage Productions includes: Sajawal Dass (D.J. Sage), Abiya Malhotra, Adil Dass and Raman Jain. The vibrant team of Sage Productions is now preparing for Miss/Teen/Mrs India USA 2016 to be held early next year.

For more information on the pageant and Sage Productions, log onto www.sageproductions.biz or call (832) 576-3382.