Miss/Teen/Mrs India USA Texas


HOUSTON: Sage Productions is an event management company in Houston, Texas. They specialize in Sound and Light Set Ups but, have expanded their horizon by becoming the Franchise owners for Miss/Teen/Mrs India USA Texas.


On October 1, Abiya Olivia Malhotra and Sajawal Dass (D.J. Sage) of Sage Productions, in association with Moid Khan and Irfan Moosa of Radio Dabang organized Miss/Mrs/Teen India USA Texas 2016, at the Arabia Shriner Center. The show was a huge success with over 700 people in attendance and featured Bollywood sensation Nargis Fakhri, singer Nouman Khalid, singer Arnie B and Mrs India USA 2015, Neha Multani Verma. This was a great successful effort to bring both Pakistani and Indian Communities together. The dynamic duo was recognized for their contribution to the South Asian Community by the City of Houston and also by the Congress.


The judging panel was composed of American, Pakistani and Indian dignitaries, entrepreneurs and beauty pageant queens. The beautiful stage set up and hall decor was by Erum Piprani of Wedding Essentials and the contestants were transformed into glamorous queens by the team of Hooked on Henna. Amir Ali Dhodhiya of New York Life, Malik Jamal of Discount Power, Apex Printing and Hassan’s Studio were the grand sponsors. Blu, The Hadi Law Firm, All brands cigarettes and candy, Shahid Usmani of Sterling McCall Toyota, Junaid Chang of Sterling McCall Lexus, M.V. Enterprises, Thredz, Desiwindow, Humtumdesi, Kismet Tickets, Gehna Jewelers, Sweet Tooth by Noureen, Chamak Chocolates, B Poshi, Gyro King, Mirch Masala, Tastee Pizza, Kas Inspiration, Studio S, Samarah’s Fashion, Marium Mehendi Cones, Simple Med, Curve Hospitality, Bareeka, Parinaz, Sangeeta Dua of TV Houston/Apsara, The Malhotra Family and The Dass Family were some of the other sponsors.  The contestants were given a platform to express themselves and to share their experiences with women of the South Asian Community and the opening of the show was conducted by the Tagore Society of Houston.


The children sang “We are the world” and shared a message about love and peace. All the contestants joined the children on the stage with candle-lights to promote their message. It was an emotional affair as last year’s winners shared the stories about their journey. Aradhana T. Padilla (Mrs India USA Texas 2015), Tanisha Hirani (Miss India USA Texas 2015), and Mahita Nuthalapati (Teen India USA Texas 2015) gave a ravishing dance performance as a farewell to their term and passed on the crown to the ambassadors for the year 2016. The ladies were crowned by Nargis Fakhri and the results were as follows:

Miss India USA Texas 2016:
1.Shreya Sheth (Winner)
2.Riya Madhyani (1st Runner Up)
3.Hinna Akhtar (2nd Runner Up)

Mrs India USA Texas 2016:
1.Deepika Verma Aggarwal (Winner)
2.Megha Shekhawat (1st Runner Up)
3.Riva Thanki (2nd Runner Up)

Teen India USA Texas 2015:
1.Andrea Fernandez (Winner)
2.Ashira Abbasi (1st Runner Up)
3.Nadia Khan (2nd Runner Up)
4.Devika Mathilakath (3rd Runner Up)
5.Anmol Khan (4th Runner Up)