MIT Graduate Pervez Agwan is Running in Texas’ Most Diverse District

HOUSTON: MIT graduate and renewable energy developer Pervez Agwan is running for United States Congress in Texas’ newly drawn District 07, now the most diverse district in Texas. If elected, he would be the first Indian and first Asian-American ever elected to Congress from Texas. He would also be the youngest person to join the congressional delegation from Texas. Pervez is the only Congressional candidate in Houston rejecting lobbyist money.

Pervez grew up in the new district. It is his home, and the fight is deeply personal to him. The newly drawn District 07 stretches from Sugar Land through Mission Bend, Alief, Sharpstown, Gulfton, and into parts of Montrose; 70% of voters are new to the district. Nearly 75% of the district consists of Black, brown, and AAPI communities.  It is now the most diverse district in the state of Texas and is ripe for real change; this district now has more Asian-Americans than any other district in Texas. Pervez hopes to be the person to bring that change. As the son of loving Gujarati parents from Mumbai, India, Pervez understands that immigrants in this country need a seat at the table and can no longer be on the menu, ignored by their lawmakers. Because of the incredibly diverse makeup of the new district, he has a very strong chance of winning this race. Folks in District 07 are hungry for bold, uncompromising leadership and representation in Washington D.C. who share their experiences.

Mahatma Gandhi, one of Pervez’s inspirations, once said, “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” Pervez strives to live this every day by practicing what he preaches. To begin, his platform focuses heavily on environmental reform. As a renewable energy developer and climate activist, Pervez has been in the fight and possesses a deep knowledge of the real steps necessary to create a cleaner, more sustainable district. He also talks about the need for universal healthcare in this country. Pervez has profound personal experience with the cost that our healthcare system exacts in this country. After the loss of his father due to the abhorrent price of medical care in the United States, Pervez saw firsthand why a single-payer universal healthcare system would not only change but save millions of lives in this country.  Ultimately, the people in his district deserve to breathe clean air and receive treatment when they get sick without fear of going bankrupt.

Pervez is running a grassroots campaign built on the support of the people living within the district. He believes that there is no room in our politics for the special interest and big lobbyist money that has compromised our nation’s representatives and controlled their policy decisions. Because of this, he is not taking any money from lobbyists or special interest groups. By rejecting big money, Pervez is free to spend all of his time fighting for the citizens of District 07 and focusing on the issues that matter to them.