Mohenjo Daro Movie Review


STORY: Village lad Sarman is drawn to big, bad Mohenjo Daro – and its mascot Chaani. But Chaani must wed Munja, son of Mohenjo Daro’s ruler, Maham. Will Sarman find love – and more – in Mohenjo Daro?

REVIEW: Straight away, if you want to enjoy Mohenjo Daro, leave your disbelief by the door for Ashutosh Gowarikar’s newest blast from the past only works as a fairy tale, not nailed in history, but hanging somewhere between Game of Thrones and Baahubali.

It’s 2016 BC and simple Sarman (Hrithik) from ‘hamri Amri gaon’ is drawn to the city lights of Mohenjo Daro where he meets Chaani (Pooja), the pretty city mascot. Sarman and Chaani fall in love – but Chaani must marry brutish Munja (Arunoday, convincing as citizen caveman), son of Mohenjo Daro’s pradhan Maham (Kabir, adequately oozing greed). While fighting for Chaani, Sarman discovers much more in Mohenjo Daro. Why is its river Sindhu dammed? What is Maham trading with Sumer? Why does Sarman dream of a magical animal? And what will happen to Mohenjo Daro when river and rain combine?

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