More than 200 of a Mixed Audience Appreciate Screening of ‘The Kashmir Files’ in Katy

By Sunita Ticku Bhan

KATY: On a nice sunny Sunday afternoon of April the 3rd, more than 200 people came out to watch “ The Kashmir Files “ on an invite only event. The movie is based on 700 testimonials of the affected genocide victims. It is a true depiction of the events that lead to the mass exodus of Kashmiri Hindus from Kashmir. It was attended by a mixed crowd including folks from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan too. Noteworthy amongst the guests were Sh Ramesh Bhutada , Jennifer Knesek (secretary Texas Asian Republic Assembly), Dr Nik Nikam &  a few more distinguished members of the Houston metro area. Mr Bhutada was presented the same Shiva pendant that the little boy in the movie was wearing as a memento of gratitude by Dr Kaul.

Bill Newman, an honorable member of the society, feeling overwhelmed said it would take him and his wife some time to process the pain that they  had witnessed today. His expression, ‘I had no idea’ was the echo all around at the end of the movie. There was a lady who couldn’t bear it anymore & she left the theater sobbing. Everybody’s eyes were moist and full of pain and empathy. A few folks who had come for a second time to watch the movie said they still felt the same impact and in fact we’re recommending folks to watch it again to comprehend it better.

In Jennifer Knesek’s words-  “ It is important to draw light to this issue of global terrorism, how it impacts human life and destroys communities in the world.”

Sakina (activist and survivor from Afghanistan ) was very moved as she herself was a victim of persecution. At the end of movie when she addressed the audience her voice was trembling with similar horrors of her clan back home. Another guest, Shelly Ghoshal Biswas couldn’t stop crying as her long suppressed pain had suddenly found a way to come out. She was only 10 years old when she had been thru similar circumstances witnessing gruesome murders and violent rapes in Bangladesh. She felt that the pain and trauma that she had been suppressing for the past 28 years had finally found a way out. A gentleman from the Sindh part of Pakistan was also present. He emphasized that this kind of terrorism is still happening to Sindhi Hindus in Pakistan.

Finally, Dr Surinder Kaul who planted the seed and envisioned this movie here in Houston and who has devoted countless hours towards the cause of his community, gave a vote of thanks to all the guests and to all the volunteers and helpers. He recognized Amit Raina for smooth and flawless run of the event. And a special thank you to Anjali Raina for yet again braving herself and opening her wounds to the audience. Her father was kidnapped , tortured and chopped to pieces and then thrown on the road side in a gunny bag.

Though the event was a Texas Kashmiri Biradari (Houston ) event,  but it wouldn’t have been possible without the unrelenting support from Sh Pramod Buravali, Sh Achlesh Amar, Sh Umang Mehta and Sh Vijay Pallod.

Other volunteers recognized by Dr Kaul were Ashtosh Kak, Ashwani Zutshi , Sudipta & Amit Kaul , Rommel Bhan, Niharika Thusu Raina and Sunita Ticku Bhan.