Mother’s Day Weekend with Amma


Sri Karunamayi Amma offered individual blessings to hundreds of Houstonians during Mother’s Day weekend.

By Mika Rao Kalapatapu

HOUSTON: On Mother’s Day weekend, world-renowned spiritual leader Sri Karunamayi graced the Houston area with her presence.  Sri Karunamayi is called “Amma” (the word for mother in many South Indian regions) so it was especially fitting that she spent Mother’s Day with hundreds of old and new followers in Houston.

Amma was in Houston as part of an annual tour. While in the United States, she visits 16 other cities from coast to coast.  A major highlight of her visit is a 10 day ceremony for peace to be held from May 20-29 in Atlanta, GA.

Amma 1

Attendees held flags from all over the world as Sri Karumanayi Amma encouraged all to pray for world peace

On Friday, May 6 – Amma began her trip to Houston by offering Individual Blessings at the Unity Church near Hillcroft. Upon Amma’s arrival, she was welcomed ceremoniously by a priest from the Shridhi Sai Baba Jalaram Mandir  and nine ladies clad in white saris. After Amma took her seat in the main hall, all those in attendance were given flags representing every country in the world. Amma encouraged everyone to hold the flags high as they chanted “Shanti Om” and prayed for world peace.  After delivering a discourse drawing on her recent experiences, including those at the United Nations, Amma met individually with devotees.  With hundreds of people from all backgrounds arriving all day to meet with Amma, the program went on through the evening.

The next morning, nearly 50 people arrived to participate in a one-day silent meditation retreat. Attendees learned the ancient practice of meditation and yoga and learned techniques to help steady their mind and improve their focus. Amma led this meditation retreat, offering all those in attendance a unique opportunity to be in her presence and learn from her insights.

On Sunday, May 8, the venue shifted from The Unity Church to the Shridhi Sai Baba Jalaram Mandir, where Amma presided over a sacred fire ceremony, or homa that was attended by several hundred individuals.

Amma 2

The homa (sacred fire ceremony) on Mother’s Day

According to the website, “Homa is the most ancient and sacred ceremony in the Vedic tradition of Sanatana Dharma. It is a fire in which forms of the Divine are invoked through the power of mantra and profound spiritual intention. Special offerings are cast into the fire while Sanskrit mantras are chanted, and the combined energy of the fire, offerings, and mantras generates powerful spiritual vibrations that bless and purify everyone present, spreading peace and healing through the world.” During the homa, Amma remarked on the significance of Mother’s Day and the importance of seeing the divine in all girls and women. The homa culminated with a delicious home-made lunch, blessings for all who attended, bhajans sang by children and a memorable violin performance.

Women and children’s issues are topics of great importance to Amma who champions and runs a number of charitable projects to uplift underserved populations through the SMVA Trust, a non-profit organization. These include a free hospital (established in 2002) located in Andhra Pradesh, two schools (established in 1994) that provide education to hundreds of children; a water sanitation program that, to date, has opened 32 water treatment plants providing thousands of people access to clean drinking water.

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