MPMM & NACHA delight their members with festive and fun-filled Holi event


By Nikhil Jain

Madhya Pradesh Mitra Mandal (MPMM) and the North America Chhattisgarh Association (NACHA) in Houston cohesively orchestrated a delightful Holi event on Sunday, March 24, 2024, at Bear Creek Park, Houston. This tradition, meticulously upheld by MPMM for the past 23 years, saw the vibrant participation of over 240 members from 75 families, hailing from the states of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh in India. Against the backdrop of serene weather, attendees reveled in the colorful festivities throughout the day.

Commencing at 11 am with registration and a tasty breakfast, the event unfolded with introductions of new families, cultural showcases, engaging games, melodious tunes, and an array of delectable cuisines. A notable addition to this year’s celebration was the live DJ, (DJ Sparks) whose infectious beats had everyone dancing to the rhythms of the Dhol. The fervor and eagerness of both seasoned and new participants added an extra layer of exuberance, fostering an enriching exchange of cultural insights and customs.

Before indulging in the playful splash of colors, refreshing servings of thandai were offered, followed by a spirited round of Holi themed Tambola. Attendees savored witty conversations with entrepreneurs Amit Bhandari and Govind Agrawal. Even during lunch time, the ambiance reverberated with harmonious melodies and lively dance performances, further enhancing the sense of camaraderie and familial warmth.

The event encapsulated a palpable sense of togetherness and joy. Children particularly enjoyed outdoor activities. Adhering to tradition, most attendees adorned themselves in pristine white attire, symbolizing purity and unity. As the festivities drew to a close at 4:30 PM, members united in the spirit of community service, participating in the post-event cleanup of the park.

Heartfelt gratitude extends to all attendees and their families whose enthusiastic participation contributed to the success of the program. Reflecting on the memorable occasion, participant Punit expressed, “ठंडाई, ठिलवाई, ढोलक , नाच गाना , चाय नाश्ता , भोजन, होली खेलना, और वो भी अपनो के साथ । जो अपनत्व का भाव इस ग्रुप में आता है , वो शायद कही और नही। बाकी सब सपने होते है , अपने तो अपने होते है। Happy Holi” Another attendee, Pallavi, shared her appreciation, stating, “The energy, enthusiasm, and vibrant spirits truly made the event unforgettable. We had an absolute blast celebrating with all. Looking forward to many more fun times together. MPMM group is all about creating joyful moments and fostering connections.”

Special acknowledgment to the dedicated core volunteers, namely Ashish-Pallavi Jain, Pradeep-Pooja Jain, Ashish-Mukul Kudariya, Aashish-Kuntal Mahodaya, Sanjay Gupta, Piyush Dubey, Sachin-Sarika Jain, Ashish-Pooja Sakalley, Nikhil-Ritu Jain, and Ashish-Jyoti Bhandari, whose unwavering efforts were instrumental in orchestrating the event seamlessly. Gratitude to Navin Mediwala for his exceptional photography and to Rahul and Govind Agrawal & to Humtumdesi for their sponsorship, which contributed to the event’s success. Now we look forward to our annual signature Daal-Baati Picnic to be held during Diwali. More information is available at

Picture Courtesy – Navin Mediwala