Mukundilal’s character to end in Lapataganj?


Lapataganj – Ek Baar Phir (Garima Productions) is a lively TV series which shows daily life happenings in a small village and the funny happenings amongst the different families that reside in it.

Rohitashv Gour plays the character of Mukundilal Sughandhilal Gupta, an upright government clerk with a refined set of moral values. Mukundi is an intelligent person and is always helpful towards his neighbours and other village folks.

In the on-going track, a fake God-man comes to Lapataganj and proclaims that the Hanuman statue situated in the village is of historical importance and a temple needs to be built around it. The real agenda of the fake God-man is to oust Mukundi from Lapataganj. The atmosphere on sets and on the show was pretty gloomy with mixed feelings on whether or not Mukundi will really leave, since the character is inseparable and synonymous with Lapataganj.

Rohitashv said, “As per the recent track, a fake God-man tries to oust me from Lapataganj and almost succeeds in his dastardly endeavour. During the shoot, I was sitting along with a few other co-stars and they were discussing how different Lapataganj would be without Mukundi’s presence. Some of them said that Mukundi is the backbone ofLapataganj in a way as the character is upright and idealistic in his thoughts and actions. I was elated when my co-actors shared their thoughts about the role that I play in Lapataganj. ”…

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