My film does not have actors, it has characters: Sohail

Jai Ho Poster First Look HD Wallpaper

Our pick of the trailers this month is Sohail Khan’s Jai Ho. While Sohail has earlier directed his older brother Salman Khan in Auzaar, Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya and Hello Brother, Jai Ho is his biggest film so far, given Salman’s superstardom at this point in time. 

What makes this trailer special, is that while it has the entertainment one expects from a Salman Khan film, it also has a message which leaves the audience wanting to know more about the film and what Salman will do in it. Be it for the fact that there has been no Salman Khan movie released in 2013 or his being human asking you to help three other people in the film, the trailer is a sure-shot hit.

Excerpts of our conversation with the filmmaker on why he believes the trailer works:

“I genuinely believe that the trailer creates a world that connects with the audience where they feel that they are a part of the film and that Salman bhai represents the common man. While it was my duty to entertain Salman bhai’s audience in the film, what I am pleasantly surprised about, is that given his personal reputation and superstardom, the audience has appreciated the fact that they can take something back home from the film. While we have an ensemble cast and everybody is a part of the film, I believe that my film does not have actors, it has characters. While we will be soon unveiling the other characters in the film, my effort was to first put out the film in the trailer….

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