Naach Houston Presents The Show Must Go On 2013


By Malay Vyas

HOUSTON: On December 22, 2012, Mahesh Mahbubani’s dream of a community based full time Bollywood dance and fitness studio came true when Naach Houston opened its studio at 2311 Williams Trace in Sugar Land. In six short months, the NAACH team has performed for social causes with non profits like Texana, Pratham and Daya as well graced the dance floor for corporate events for Fluor, KBR and AAHOA, just to name a few. Now NAACH is proud to announce its first independent production “The Show Must Go On – 2013”, at the Stafford Center, on August 22 at 7:00 pm.

Naach is not just another dance school, Naach is a thought, its an idea and it’s a dream so no wonder that Naach’s shows are not just another dance performance. It’s a story that weaves around the dancers as well as the audience. This time around, Mahesh’s artistic abilities are further enhanced by new young choreographers and over a hundred NAACH students of every age group.

The show is a celebration of life as a journey with a strong Bollywood influence. In the past 100 years, Bollywood has come a long way with different genres of dance & music permeating in Indian movies similarly “The Show Must Go On” encompasses different dance styles in a Bollywood landscape as we journey across various eras of Bollywood. Expect to get enthralled by variety of dance forms ranging from Hip Hop to Contemporary. Look forward to tapping your feet on songs from the times of Madhubala to Madhuri Dixit and don’t be surprised if you get to see some burlesque numbers. Naach is a celebration of life.. a life of color, vibrance and excitement.  As is with life, The Show Must Go On With Naach.

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