Naagin: Icchadhari Morni spares Sesha’s life in search of Naagmani while Shivanya and Ritik patch up!


This week’s episode of Naagin saw major revelations that will come as a huge relief for the ones who watch the show regularly. So with the entry of Mayuri, Shesha and Shivanya sense a strange presence in the house which they cannot make sense of, Mayuri on the other hand tries to convince Yamini that the threat she is facing from the supernatural beings is none other than someone from her family.

Yesterday’s episode ended with Yamini’s husband threatening her to reveal her identity as the fifth murdered and Ritik finally getting hold of the Ichhardhari naagmani. While today Sesha finds a peacock feather in the house and figures out the reason for her and Shivanya’s plight. What follows is a gruesome fight between Icchadhari Morni and Sesha. However she spares her life in the end as Sesha is the only source to naagmani and they need that to end the entire fiasco.

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