Naagin: Shesha and Kabir plan to kill Shivanya and Guruma returns!


Last episode of Naagin was really fun since a lot happened from Shivanya meeting her dead mom to Shesha’s lust for Ritik. It was an amazing episode. So we thought this one too will be really hilarious but nothing of the sort happened. It was a dampener. But we will definitely tell you what happened.

So as we told you before, Ritik’s sister Amrita is getting married to nevla Kabir without knowing his real identity. Of course, what were you thinking? How will they arm twist the story if everybody knows about everyone! Continuing further, Shesha’s lusty love for Ritik is getting the better of her and she is getting distracted from her mission. What is it? Oho… getting the naagmani! But she even tries to strangulate Yamini for not letting that happen. Poor girl! Someone is screaming for action but none cares! Shea… So she plots against Shivanya and shifting her shape to Ritik instructs her to protect the naagmani. Shivanya buys the lie which makes Shesha very happy. Her imagination runs helter skelter… ahem ahem! Ritik is one lucky guy… we are sure men are muttering this under their breath.

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