Naagin: Shivaanya to BLAZE havoc on her kidnappers


Shivaanya’s revenge story is getting more exciting with every episode. After Shivaanya lost her powers in the last episode, fans were left with the worst cliff hanger. We also saw Shivaanya getting badly injured all amidst the love triangle that may be developing between Shivaanya (Mouni Roy), Ritik (Arjun Bijlani), and Shesha (Adaa Khan). In the last episode Shivaanya was duped into confessing her love for Ritik by Shesha and is warned against the same.

Now as the new promo has come out, we come to know that Shivaanya will be getting her powers back, all thanks to Lord Krishna. She is kidnapped by a few goons who will attempt to sexually assault her. After being helpless for some time, the Draupadi scene from Mahabharat comes to life. Yes! Shivaanya prays to Krishna and finally receives all her powers back. She looks amazingly fierce as she stands up, reinstated with powers.

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