Narendra Modi: Decisive Leader with a Clear Vision


HOUSTON: India is at crossroads today. Until recently, the world was looking up to India as the next economic powerhouse with a robust, functional and diverse democracy. However, the high hopes of the 90’s and euphoria of the early 2000’s have now been replaced by gloom and uncertainty.

Under two successive Congress-led UPA governments at the Center, India has lagged badly due to weak governance, rampant corruption, a lack of strategic thinking and a general lack of a vision of the future.

Today India needs decisive, honest leadership, a clear vision of where it wants to be in the next decade. Such leadership can be provided only by a person with an impeccable record of development and progress.

Will India get out economic turmoil and rampant corruption?

The answer is a resounding YES! AN emphatic YES. And who is the Man behind the YES?

Narendra Modi or “NaMo” as he is now branded by media, has been defying conventional political wisdom ever since he became chief minister of an earthquake-devastated state of Gujarat. The past 12 years that he has been at the helm, all existing parameters of growth, sustenance and prosperity have been breached due to his brand of Good Governance and Inclusive All Round Development.

After being announced as the Prime Ministerial candidate of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the principal opposition party in India, Shri Modi has been traveling the length and breadth of India over the past few months espousing his ideas and speaking about changes that are required at the Systemic Level in India.

It is now the turn of Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), People of Indian Origin (PIOs) and well-wishers of India to VOLUNTEER and become harbingers of change in India.

Global Indians for Bharat Vikas ( urges every Indian American in Greater Houston and Texas to participate in a MEET AND GREET event on Sunday, Dec 8, from 4.30-6.30 p.m. at India House in Houston at 8888 West Bellfort, Houston, TX 77031.

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