NASA Chief Scientist Dr. Kamlesh Lulla Celebrates 25 years of Accomplishments at NASA


Dr Kamlesh Lulla and his wife Marianne at the NASA awards ceremony on June 11 2013.

HOUSTON: Dr. Kamlesh Lulla, an internationally acclaimed NASA chief scientist was recently honored for his 25 years of service to the nation’s space agency and to the United States government. Dr. Lulla is currently the director for technology development and innovative research for future human space exploration missions. Dr. Lulla’s 25 year distinguished career at NASA includes serving as chief scientist for Earth Observations for the Space Shuttle missions, training astronauts in  earth science  payloads, serving as the chief of flight science office and as principal scientist for the International Space Station observational facility.

Dr. Lulla has received more than 180 scientific and professional awards including the NASA’s highest honor- the Exceptional Achievement Medal in 2005 and the Astronaut Ellison Onizuka Award from the Asian American Heritage Foundation in 2012. Dr. Lulla also received the Remote Sensing Medal and Luckas Memorial award from the professional organizations.

Recently, Dr. Lulla coauthored and coedited a tome “Wings in Orbit: scientific and engineering legacies of Space Shuttle” that chronicles the discoveries made during the 30 years of Space Shuttle missions.