NASA Scientist Dr. Kishen Kumar Inspires Sewa International’s Summer Interns


By Azra Fatima Mirza 

HOUSTON: On Saturday, June 10, the Sewa International Houston chapter welcomed its high school LEAD interns for the summer of 2017. To end the informative orientation, LEAD and GIH interns alike took part in an interesting lecture from NASA’s Dr. Kishen Kumar, who gave them valuable advice on the topic of motivation and life in general. Dr. Kumar kept the audience engaged throughout the lecture with his funny anecdotes, memorable experiences, and respected guidance. He explained thoroughly the concept of inspiration and discussed what inspires a person to be who they are and do what they do in the journey of life. He showed pictures of places he visited and mentioned concepts that related to astronomy and other scientific fields to give the audience the chance to look at issues through multiple lenses. His lecture was sprinkled with jokes and unique quotes by famous writers, scientists, and philosophers to enhance his presentation. Overall, Dr. Kumar executed a lecture that was not only extremely applicable in the everyday life of a person but provided inspiration to stay strong in whatever situation one may find himself in.  


Dr.Kishen Kumar Dr.Kishen Kumar hails from Kashmir and has been associated with NASA for the past 41 years.He has more than 17o0 publications to his credit and has given more than 500 talks around the world.

Lead Houston is Sewa International’s Summer Internship Program for High School students. The interns participate for a min 50 hours of commitment that includes direct service in Volunteer events and Aspire tutorials and participate in lectures with Leading figures in the community. The Speakers are leaders from different fields like Business, Nonprofits, Media, Arts, Social works, etc. Lead Houston introduces socially conscious leadership to young adults. Our past speakers have been NASA scientists, Mayors, and Congressmen from the Greater Houston Area.

Get Inspired Houston (GIH) is an internship program offered by Sewa International’s Houston chapter which allows young adults to explore and innovate new ideas geared towards the welfare of refugee communities. Over the past 8 years, GIH has provided a platform wherein young minds identify, create and implement projects which lead to social change in our community, all while working alongside a grass-root, non-profit organization. At the end of the eight-week internship, the Interns have a minimum of 140 hours of direct community interaction and 200 hours of experience of working with a non-profit.