Navaragamalika Cultural Association


HOUSTON: Vagdevi School of Indian Music school founder Smt.Raja Rajeswari kalaga conducted her first Classical event at Sri Ashtalakshmi temple, under the banner of Navaragamalika  Cultural Association on October 27.


The talented musicians in classical and semi classical and devotional music were invited from all over the Houston to perform in this classic event. The theme behind the event was to bring out the importance of the classical music which is the base for the entire fast beat or movie music as the classical music is the main root of the music hierarchy. This attempt is to make an effort of the social cause to bring the folks towards the main stream of the classical music and to experience the beauty of the live classical.

The event went successfully and the singers participated with unbelievable enthusiasm and duration reached to four and half hours at a stretch with full strength of audience. Smt.Uma Medi, Smt.Sonali Tayi and the parents of Vagdevi Music school students together coordinated with Smt Raja Rajeswari kalaga for its success.

All participants sang the variety of Thyagaraja, Annamayya renditions and different devotional songs.

NCA team announced that their next event is planned in Durga bari Temple Houston in the month of March, 2014.

Article by Raja Rajeswari kalaga.