Navroz Prasla, Chairman of NTV America, Meets VP Kamala Harris at Annual JJ Reception in Texas

Navroz Prasla, President &CEO of NTV, meeting with Vice President Kamala Harris at the JJ reception in Austin.

AUSTIN: Indian-American Business magnate and Chairman of NTV America Navroz Prasla met Honorable Vice President of the US Kamala Harris at the JJ Reception.

The Annual Johnson-Jordan Reception is a major event meant to help the Democratic Party raise funds for voting efforts before the elections.

The event took place in Austin, Texas, and was sponsored by Prasla along with other distinguished individuals. These massive nationwide efforts are meant to rally supporters around reproductive and voting rights ahead of the mid-term election.

Navroz Prasla was elated to meet the VP, as she was invited as the Keynote speaker of this year’s Texas Democratic party, JJ Reception. She spoke about protecting reproductive health rights, Abortion rights, and Voting rights as the US is viewed as a role model all over the world. Harris also called taking away women’s rights to choose truly immoral, inspiring and awwing everyone in the audience with her speech.

Another NTV executive meeting VP Karris.

Navroz Prasla is an Indian-descent Media giant who owns NTV America, HerogoTV, and A-Star TV based in Houston, Texas. He is always known for his philanthropy and community-building spirit. While in conversation with him, Prasla mentioned that “if we as a community don’t step up each other, then who will?” Recently he was awarded with the ‘2022 Lifetime Achievement Award’ by the Joe Bidden Administration for his exemplary contribution towards community.

Prasla’s NTV America has always supported public interest events and activities. They have always highlighted and supported the importance of public policy issues, Women’s Voting rights, protecting reproductive health rights, Abortion rights. Their primary vision and goal is to create an unbiased society for every individual, irrespective of gender, caste, religion, nationality or community.