NH10 movie review: Anushka Sharma’s brutal action thriller will leave you speechless!



In the light of BBC’s latest banned documentary, India’s daughter, the rampaging rape culture in India has been exposed in broad daylight. While one might say, this country is not safe for women after dark, Anushka Sharma-Neil Bhoopalam’s road film underlines the fact that in the interiors of the country, away from the bustling cities, where law and order are just for namesake, no one is actually safe. Backed by Anurag Kashyap’s Phantom Films, the A rated action thriller, NH10, is not for the weak hearted. And as I left the movie theatre, I was engulfed by the feeling of numbness which comes after watching a heck of film, keeping you at the edge of your seat.

What’s it about:

Meera (Anushka) and Arjun (Neil) are an upper class couple from Delhi, who go on a weekend getaway which doesn’t quite go as planned. Arjun takes a wrong turn and the couple reaches a road less travelled, where they witness a boy and a girl  being brutally beaten and dragged away in a vehicle. When Arjun tries to interfere, he is slapped by the leader of the gang( Darshan Kumar) who also happens to be girl’s brother. Arjun’s ego is hurt and he follows the goons despite numerous attempt by Meera to stop him. There, the couple witness honour killing of the boy and the girl, but are nabbed by the goons before they could make an escape. Soon, the struggle for survival between the goons and the married couple breaks, and in one such fight Arjun gets severely injured. Now it is upto Meera to find help and save herself and Arjun from the deadly goons. Does she manage to come out alive? Does she manage to save Arjun? Find out yourself.


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