Nik Nikam Network (NNN Media)

Nik Nikam

HOUSTON: NNN Media started as an hour-long talk show in October 2013 and has evolved into a full-fledged YouTube TV channel, “NIK NIKAM (NNN Media),” with 1000 subscribers, 800+ videos, and more than 790,000 views.

NNN Media has created a platform to showcase our community’s highlights, and its host, Dr. Nik Nikam, has interviewed more than 300 people during the past two and a half years.

NNN Media has covered diverse topics, such as politics, music, entertainment, medicine, law, engineering, spirituality, social issues, cricket, documentaries, authors, movie stars, and many more. In fact, NNN Media also has engaged many non-profit organizations in our community with in-depth discussions.

It also has captured Indian cultural activities on-site and has created a collection of videos, accenting our rich Indian cultural heritage.

Visit the NIK NIKAM (NNN Media) YouTube channel and enjoy the rich, cultural experiences of the Indian community and its contributions in the Houston area.

All programs are live video-streamed to YouTube and permanently stored on NIK NIKAM (NNN Media) channel.

NNN Media has plans to expand to daily programs from Monday to Thursday from 6-7 PM. They plan to have segments on:
Young Gen
Sports Spin
Business Buzz
Market Wrap
Women’s World
…and many more!

Dr. Nikam said, “We would like to invite you to host your own weekly, biweekly, or monthly segment and discuss topics that are of interest to the community. You can reach people from all across the globe, not just in the Houston area. In fact, 30 percent of our subscribers are from India. Do subscribe to the NIK NIKAM (NNN Media) YouTube channel so we can bring you many more vibrant and interesting programs that can enrich and entertain you.”

If you would like to support, sponsor, advertise, or be a guest on NIK NIKAM (NNN Media) YouTube channel, email at or call at 281-745-4161.

Search YouTube link: “NIK NIKAM”