Nik’s Comedy Clips


HOUSTON: Dr. NIK NIKAM, a well-known cardiologist from Houston, who has touched thousands of hearts and lives, has just released his latest book, “NIK’S COMEDY CLIPS,” which takes a humorous look at his life journey over three decades. It is filled with funny stories, jokes, and insightful observations of his patients, people, and the community.

You can catch glimpses of his humorous stories from this latest book, on his YouTube channel NIK NIKAM.

His book is available in both paperback ($12.99) and eBook ($3.99) formats on Please do leave your comments on Amazon.

Dr. Nik Nikam came to the United States from India in 1973. He has been practicing cardiology in Houston and Sugar Land, Texas for more than three decades. He has two daughters and a son. He has made hundreds of presentations on Heart Healthy Lifestyle. More than 100 articles written by him have been published in many Indian newspapers in Houston and across the United States.

Dr. Nikam’s other publications include Stressless Mind and Priceless Body( 1995), Health Healthy Lifestyle (2010), Ramayan Screenplay (2012), and “Cruise Crises Screenplay (2014).

In addition, Dr. Nikam, a very active community member, also hosts NNN Media talk show on every Wednesday between 6-7 PM, which is live video-streamed to YouTube on his channel, NIK NIKAM.

For information about this book, or if you want Dr. Nikam to address your group, you can contact him at or DR. NIK NIKAM SUGAR LAND HEART CENTER. 281-265-7567.