No Facebook! Bangalore schools ask students to delete profiles


Bangalore: If you’re a school kid in Bangalore, be prepared to confront the possibility of a life without Facebook.

After banning logging onto social networks on campus, some schools have asked that Facebook accounts be deleted entirely by their students.

Among them, prestigious and private schools like Delhi Public Shool, St John High School and Vidya Niketan Public School.

“Students spend so long on such websites at home and then come tired to school the next day. Parents too have not been able to control this.” says P Franklin, Principal of St Johns High School .

Other educationists are worried about the downside of unmonitored interaction online.   ” The ill effects are way too many. It can be anything from cyber bullying to harassment. Several students have also been led into lower self esteem, because they see some pictures, or some peer going on a holiday and they are not,” says Leema Swamy, the Principal of Royal Concorde International School.

Students are ready with a long list of comments on why this is the worst idea they’ve ever heard.

“Very dumb idea! For us students, if you tell us not to do something, it wants to make us want to do something more” says Ann Joseph, a student of Standard 12….

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