No going back on Telangana: Sonia Gandhi told Congress lawmakers from Andhra Pradesh


New Delhi: Hours before the Congress announced that Telangana will be India’s 29th state, Sonia Gandhi met a group of legislators and MPs from Andhra Pradesh who are against bifurcating the state and informed them that there was no going back on the decision this time.

She also told her party leaders that they must impress upon the people of the state that there would now be faster development in both regions as the uncertainty of whether there would be a new Telangana state had been removed.

After Mrs Gandhi decided recently that the Congress’ promise on Telangana must be met, the party’s top leaders had called up all 19 Congress MPs from the non-Telangana regions of Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema, to placate and prepare them.

The Congress’ formula for the new state is the inclusion of 10 districts of Andhra Pradesh and the city of Hyderabad as a common capital for the two states for 10 years, after which it will be part of Telangana. But the party is still reportedly open to including two districts from the southern region of Rayalaseema in the new Telangana state….

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