No need to panic on Trump, Brexit impact long-term


IT body NASSCOM on Thursday said that the industry needs to wait and watch, rather than panic, on the outcome of the US Presidential elections, though it warned of lasting impact of ‘Brexit’ on India.

Republican candidate Donald Trump is a frontrunner for the US President’s post and is widely feared in India for his stance on the outsourcing industry and existing immigration policies.

“You see, IT industry does not have a view on candidate Donald Trump. But President Trump is a different matter”,National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM) President, R Chandrashekhar said here, to a query on how the domestic IT industry was looking at Donald Trump.

“There is a big difference between candidate (Donald) Trump and incumbent (Trump). When a President becomes incumbent, the real world, governance come into picture”, he told reporters.

“Indian IT industry actually helps create jobs even ostensibly in United States. This lead us to believe that we can afford to sort of wait and see the circumstances. But we do not need to panic, for sure”, he said.

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