NRIs hold ‘Litti pe Charcha’ in Times Square


NEW YORK: Several members of the Indian diaspora gathered at Times Square here to hold discussions about the crucial Bihar elections and voice their expectations from a future government over improving the economic and employment scenario in the state.

Dubbed ‘Litti Pe Charcha’, named after a popular dish in Bihar and in a similar vein to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Chai Pe Charcha’, the discussion brought together over 200 members of the Indian diaspora in the iconic tourist destination on Saturday to talk about the elections and send a message to the youth in the state to exercise their right to vote.

The discussion centered around key issues impacting Bihar such as unemployment, corruption, education, poverty, migration, health, law and order and agriculture.

Representing ‘Vote For India’ Manik Tyagi said Indians in the US are concerned over the situation in Bihar and lack of employment even as the youth is willing to return to the state if the security situation and investment climate improves.

Anil Sharma, who represented HiPac, a large group of NRI youths, talked about the underutilisation of human resources in Bihar.

Others participating in the discussions said that the election is very crucial for the state’s future growth and economic development.

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