Oath Ceremony 2016: South Asian Chamber of Commerce


The SACC Board 2016 (Few members missing)



The SACC Board 2016. Photo: Dr. Nik Nikam

By Vanshika Vipin

HOUSTON: The South Asian Chamber of Commerce (SACC) held an Oath Ceremony Dinner of the elected board members for the year 2016, on Thursday, April 28. It was held at The Taj, Westheimer Rd, between 6.30 to 8.30 pm.


The Oath Ceremony

The SACC Board comprises of The Chairman:  Nomaan Husain, President: Malik Jamal, Vice President: Sohail Hassan, Secretary: Shenila Naseem, Treasurer: Maryum Khan, Sarah Ali, Sangeeta Dua, Amyn Gillani, Roy Joseph, Prasad Kalva, Tania Kanga, Dr. Noreen Khan-Mayberry, Omar Khawaja, Yunus Langha, Munira Panjwani, Saira Wahab, and Shaukat Zakaria. The SACC Directors represent a cross spectrum of businesses and professional backgrounds across the Industry genres of Legal, Medical, Multimedia, Real estate and Energy. This helps the SACC’s commitment to bridge the capital and talent in the South Asian community with the broader Houston business and philanthropic community. The event was attended by some of the high profile and established identities of Houston including the Advisory Board member of SACC and a well-known Houstonian Ghulam Bombaywalla. Due to prior commitments, the Board Chairman Nomaan Husain and Board Director Munira Panjwani could not be present at the event.


From left: Shenila Naseem, Dr. Noreen Khan-Mayberry, Maryum Khan, and Malik Jamal

Malik Jamal, President, welcomed everyone with a warm introduction to the respected board members and the Honorable Harris County Judge, Ravi Sandill. He spoke about the upcoming events that SACC has to offer and he thanked the Houston media for their support. Judge Sandill, who administered the oath, is the first ever District Court Judge in Texas, of a South Asian decent, and the only South Asian elected countywide in Harris County.


From left: Dr. Noreen Khan-Mayberry, Amyn Gillani with his wife Judge Erum Gillani and Sangeeta Dua.

Malik then requested Judge Sandill to administer the oath, and it was indeed a moment to witness the Board of Directors take their oath of office. This ceremony was followed by dinner and a networking session between the who’s who of the industry. The Taj, owned by Mr. & Mrs. Farooq Khan provided a perfect venue for the ceremony. The event was sponsored by Discount power and Dr. Monira Hamid-Kundi.


President Malik Jamal (left) with Judge Ravi Sandill

More about SAAC: The SACC was founded in 1993, by a team of dedicated professionals, representing the South Asian countries Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.  SACC membership includes professionals and entrepreneurs from small & mid-sized businesses, to large corporations. The SACC Directors represent a broad spectrum of South Asian cultures. They donate their valuable time and efforts to enable SACC members, professionals and businesses grow by virtue of networking and learning.

For upcoming events and for membership information visit www.sacchouston.org or email at info@sacchouston.org