“Opening the Window for 2015” – JVB Conducts Preksha Meditation Camp

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By Seema Jain 

HOUSTON: “The greatest mistake of a soul is non recognition of real self and can only be corrected by realization of self.”   – Lord Mahavir

Preksha means to perceive deeply within and Meditation involves engaging the mind fully in the perception of the subtle, internal and innate phenomenon of consciousness to control passions and purify emotion.

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To help the Houston Community in leading a happy, healthy and peaceful life, JVB Preksha Meditation Center under auspicious presence and motivation of Samaniji Sanmati Pragyaji and Sanmati Jayant Pragyaji conducted a one day preksha meditation camp titled “Opening the window for 2015” on Saturday, December 20. About 40 Meditators took part in this unique camp to experience the serene and blissful environment. . Both Samanijis are deep practitioners of meditation and masters in Preksha Meditation technique and philosophy.

This unique camp kicked off in the morning with taking Diksha from Saminijis which means making resolution for one day to isolate oneself from outer world and perceive own self. It is not an easy task to “see yourself through yourself”. But at the end of the day all participants were completely relaxed, full of energy and looked very positive and confident for welcoming New Year differently. This camp has created a strong hope in the participants mind towards a peaceful and productive life.

The preliminary round of “Unloading the mind” session began with exchange of impromptu questions and answers between curious meditators and Saminijs to unfold various perspectives of meditation. A special Yoga, Pranayam and Stretching sessions were conducted by Pratimaji Desai and Kokilaji Bhavsar, experts in their field. All meditation sessions were conducted by Samani Jayant Pragyaji. Samini Sanmati Pragyaji’s one hour presentation on learning to live one day titled “A.W.A.R.E.N.E.S.S “ was all about bringing awareness in our overall persona (actions, words, ambitions ,reactions, emotions, nature, enemies, senses, self). In Closing, meditators shared their overall joyful and peaceful experience of the day and left with an open positive window of mind and body.

We are proud of our center, it’s beautiful surroundings, a unique pyramid shape meditation hall, and a very peaceful ambiance. On the first and third

Sunday of each month there are pravachans by Samaniji. Apart from the regular activities mentioned above, Samani Ji’s also offer individual or one on one counseling (confidentially) to those who are in need of such help.

In addition to the offsite camps, or fund raising events like plays etc., most of our programs are offered free of charge. To cover the costs of running the center on a day to day basis, we accept donations. As a charitable 501c corporation, the donations are tax deductible. Please take advantage of this beautiful facility by joining us in the programs we offer. Our center is open to all irrespective of their religious beliefs.

For more information about our Center and the current programs visit:  www.JVBHouston.org