Ovarcome Impresses yet again with their 2nd Annual OvarRock Benefit Concert to Raise Cancer Awareness

President and founder Runsi Sen (second from left)

President and founder Runsi Sen (second from left)

By Sanchali Basu

HOUSTON: What started out as a vision in the mind of Runsi Sen, Ovarcome formed in memory of her mother who lost her battle with ovarian cancer has taken wings and flown off to a great start. This organization provides treatment support and options to underprivileged women suffering from ovarian cancer. Their goal this year is to reach across the globe and raise awareness about ovarian cancer.

They have been fortunate so far in working towards this goal with the immense support and encouragement from several organizations, universities, hospitals,  physicians in the US, Africa and India.  Per president and founder Runsi Sen, this year they were able to successfully host luncheons and seminars highlighting the latest developments in the diagnosis, treatment and lifestyle changes in the overcoming women’s cancers by bringing together researchers, clinicians, survivors, families and caregivers.

In an effort to expand their work internationally, the first phase is being done in Kolkata, India and the next phase is going to be in other developing regions like Africa, south Asia, Latin America etc. In 2014, Jack Andraka, young inventor and ovarian and pancreatic cancer researcher will be working with Ovarcome.

The concert was held in the Stafford Civic Center on September 21. The entertainment program of the fundraiser event started with a few Bollywood dances by Rhythm India under the able guidance of Arzan Goda which turned out to be quite a hit with the audience. Paintings, holiday cards and gift coupons were auctioned during the intermission.

The second half of the concert belonged to Horizon Fusion Band. The interesting feature of this band is that it has singers and musicians are of all age groups from high school seniors to veterans and all walks of life from neurosurgeons to students all gelling in perfect harmony. The band of 7 led by Dr. Subrata Ghosh, who also serves on the advisory board, performed a wide variety of classic rock from Pink Floyd to Dire Straits, Beatles to Bon Jovi, Clapton to Santana and even Indian compositions by Pritam/Gautam Chatterjee to the delight of the audience.

Food, sari and jewelry stalls outside the auditorium provided able support to the cause of the event.